Now & Later: Longline Blazer

I'm about 99% sure that my H&M longline blazer is my favorite purchase of this past year. And I love that I bought it Labor Day last fall on an over ambitious road trip to Eugene with my friend, Molly, and 4 kids under the age of 6. It was a crazy day; there were a few meltdowns, my coffee spilled all over the department store floor, we got Adlai some serious duds to set him up for kindergarten and all in all we were there and back in a few short hours. I love having friends who just roll with me on crazy days like this, life's too short to not go for it right? Well, maybe... school shopping will get easier someday! *fingers crossed* Anyway, I wasn't planning on buying anything for myself but when I saw that blazer I had to try it on, and once I tried it on, it was perfect and I had to take it home! Plus it was Labor Day so there were some pretty hoppin' deals. Sometimes H&M surprises me, I normally associate it with cheaply made staples but every once in awhile I find well made pieces that seem to have decent tailoring and good material. And my blazer fit that bill!

Outfit number one: Would you guess that I'm 30? Ha! Sometimes it's just fun to be a little carefree with outfits. I would wear this strolling downtown, going to a summer concert, or a casual lunch. The nice thing about this blazer is that it goes with just about anything!

Outfit number two: So not that different from outfit number one but just a little more relatable. Can I just say how much I love that baseball hats are in right now? I'm the daughter and sister of two baseball coaches and would wear them all the time if I could so I'm happy they've become more that just a sports fan thing. I like how basic this outfit it, simple staples and carefree looking.

Outfit number three: I adore this dress and not just because I live in Beaver Country! It's casual while still being dressy and it's so comfy. Top it off a statement necklace and nude heels, which should be a standard for any date night am I right? This also is a good example of the versatility of a longline blazer, you don't just have to wear it the traditional way. Draping it over your shoulders gives your look a little more of a romantic and classy feel. I know what I'm wearing the next time Collin and I go out!

Longline blazer's really are a timeless, classic look. One of the few staples I think should be in everyone's closet. If you want to make it a little more trendy, try switching up the color. I love the blush pink that's so popular right now. Pair it with skinnies, a striped shirt, maybe a baseball hat 😉, some block heels and you're good to go. Happy blazer hunting and don't forget to have some fun with your style! 

all pictures taken by Kris Miller Photography