This last fall I was in the lobby of my salon waiting to get my hair cut when I came across Babe Lash. I wasn't really on the lookout for an eyelash enhancer but the packaging caught my eye (side note: good packaging goes such a long way, am I right?) so I asked my stylist about it. She approved and I ended up taking it home. 

After just a few weeks of using it I noticed a difference! My lashes have always been on the longer side, but not too crazy, and Babe Lash just took them next level. I wasn't necessarily looking for longer lashes but was hoping that this would fill them out more and it did just that. As I get older I find myself going makeup free more on the regular and I feel like I have more confidence on sans mascara days because of Babe Lash. 

Recently I've had a lot people ask me about my lashes so I thought a little write up would be helpful for directions, links and what not. I'm in no way affiliated with Babe Lash and am not gaining anything by promoting them. I just found something that worked well for me and want to spread the word!

You can find Babe Lash in a lot of places but I have found the cheapest and most accessible one to be Amazon. The price fluctuates pretty drastically, it's changed 11 times in the past month(!), $30 was the lowest price and $60 was the highest. So it is worth it to watch the price and wait for it drop. 

Honestly I can't speak for side effects, I haven't had any issues and their website and branding doesn't list anything. Super simple to use, just apply nightly before bed after you take off your makeup until you achieve your desired look then every few days after that to maintain it. My first bottle has lasted me months! The idea behind Babe Lash is to achieve fuller lashes so you don't have to use as much product to get your desired look. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but if you were looking for this sort of thing Babe Lash is worth a shot!