New year, new you? Nah, how about new year, new shop! On January first we closed our downtown Tried & True Coffee Company location for what we had planned on being three days, but turned into four, to give it a fresh look. The move to do this was prompted by some big changes that happened in 2018 and a desire to start this year off with a clean slate.

Collin and I have packed a lot of life into the last almost five years since we moved to Corvallis (April 1st is our official moving anniversary). Launching Bespoken Coffee Roasters, meeting our partners and opening downtown Tried & True, moving five times, opening Southtown Tried & True, building a roastery for Bespoken and moving all of our inventory down from Portland, buying and completely remodeling our first house, and now as of October 25th of 2018, owning Tried & True 100%! Never would I have imagined when we decided to move to Corvallis in August of 2013 that this would be our life. But with every opportunity we’ve been given, things have fallen into place, at times despite ourselves and our inability to see the big picture. My dream for our businesses has always been for them to become something bigger than us, something that people have invested in and love, something they can call their own.

That’s what the downtown refresh has been all about. A fresh coat of paint, a new color scheme, new floors, new lighting, more plants… a way to start this year without anything holding us back. To say that no matter what it throws at us, we are capable and ready. So bring it on 2019, we’re ready for you!

Check out the videos below, because everyone loves a good before and after 💕