Ann Schneider

Can’t Go Wrong With the Dizzy Hen

Ann Schneider

Philomath is small town Oregon in the best of ways. It’s a sleepy lumber community nestled just west of Corvallis on the way to Mary’s Peak and the coast. The surrounding landscape and simple layout add to the charm and pair nicely with the restaurants, cafes, and businesses that have decided to call the town their home.

This past week Collin and I got to check out The Dizzy Hen for a lunch date! A rare moment alone for us considering that as small business owners/parents it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. And it was such a sweet and delicious experience! The Dizzy Hen is charming through and through; full of eclectic decor, farmhouse vibes, and happy plants (because let’s be real, sad plants are a bummer). The menu changes weekly and is pretty simple, featuring just a few categories like starters and entrées.

Collin had the confit chicken sando with chili/squash puree and fries and I had lamb crespelle with leeks, delicata and chard. They were $10.50 and $11.50 respectively, which for what we were getting was incredibly reasonable. I feel comfortable being adventurous with my order in restaurants like this (think Gathering Together, Bellhop, really anything farm to table) because I know the combinations and plates have been well thought out, feature seasonal offerings, and are intentional pairings. I don’t know that I’ve ever ordered a lamb dish in my life, but I love trying new things and figured this would be a good place to do it. And I’m glad to say I wasn’t wrong! Both of our meals were delicious and made us want to be more adventurous with how we cook at home. Bonus that our server was endearingly sweet (In the video she’s waving goodbye to us and didn’t know I was recording. It was the cutest.) and it seemed like everyone knew each other, which is a huge part of why I love living down here.

All that to be said, I’m sure it’s no surprise when I say I would definitely recommend The Dizzy Hen! Already can’t wait to go back, lunch date anyone?