Congratulations Albany! 

As of today you are now home to Margin Coffee; a new, spacious, well designed, quality driven coffee shop! Margin is apart of a new wave of top tier coffee shops that have recently opened in the lower Willamette Valley in the past few years. Among them are Archive, Slightly, Washburne, Tailored, and (not to toot my own horn) Tried & True. For too long people associated quality coffee solely within big cities like Portland and Seattle, and the most recent push to open specialty coffee shops within smaller cities is proof that quality is not isolated to metropolitan areas, it can thrive anywhere regardless of the population. Even when we were gearing up to open our downtown Tried & True back in fall of 2014 several people had told us that Corvallis wasn't ready for what we wanted to do. The last four years have been a testament to how untrue that line of thinking was, that more rural areas don't care about quality. I'm pleased to prove all those naysayers wrong and to get behind other companies in our area dedicated to serving a quality product much to the chagrin of people that have drank the "Portland is superior" kool-aid. 

Which is why I can get behind a company like Margin. Three guys that saw a need in downtown Albany and set out to fill it. They also happen to have chosen our coffee company, Bespoken Coffee Roasters,  as their mainstay roaster. We've had the opportunity to work alongside them the last few months in the form of weekly training sessions with Collin and have seen their space develop into the gorgeous coffee shop that it is today. They are also serving Caravan Coffee (hello Newberg, our hometown!), Jasmine Pearl Tea, bagels, and treats from Natural Sprinkles Company. 

If you're in the area make your way on down to Margin Coffee, enjoy an espresso or cappuccino, and take pride in supporting a local small business that is doing things right!