When I was in the hospital after my son, Adlai, was born in 2010 we had a sweet wise nurse give us some sage advice. She told Collin and me to be intentional about our time together, to get away at least once a year by ourselves even if it was just for a night. And still now I cling to that. We tell our children all the time that one of the greatest gifts we could give them would be that of a healthy marriage, to love each other unconditionally and intentionally. I get that this is easier said than done and in the midst of our crazy lives with two coffee shops and a roasting company it'd be almost more simple to write off not having the time to get away. But isn't the constant busyness what makes it all that much more important?

And so earlier this month we made our way to Astoria for our annual mini getaway. Although we honestly we still felt like we couldn't leave. Adlai got sick earlier that week and that weekend was probably going to be one of our biggest yet at the shops because it was Family Weekend at Oregon State University which usually equals crazy for Corvallis. But we decided to just go for it, doubled up our shifts that Saturday to help with coverage, then drove our kids to Collin's parents house and headed to the coast. And what a magical weekend we had! We slept (a ton!), enjoyed uninterrupted meals, actually sat down at a coffee shop, went on a hike, walked around town, saw a movie, and hit up the local breweries. We were able to talk, truly talk for the first time in forever. At home work ends up being a majority of our conversations and doesn't leave us with a ton of time to just casually chat and invest in each other. I know this won't always be the case but for now it just is what it is. That's why these getaways are so important. And as we get older the reason behind them will change and grow, develop with our relationship. For now they serve as a time to recharge and connect, to come back stronger than when we left. It's amazing what 48 hours can do!

I don't like giving out marriage/dating advice but if I could pass on those words from our nurse, please take time for yourselves. Parent guilt is real, I know it's hard to leave your littles! I promise they aren't going to remember a few days in the big scheme of things but you will! And if money is an issue there are so many ways to travel cheap. E.G.: we stayed at the Commodore Hotel, opted for a cabin with a shared bathroom, and for two nights we only paid $150! Share meals, share drinks! Whatever you can do to make it happen, just do it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Okay okay, end of soapbox rant. I just don't think good advice should be kept to ourselves. 💕