Collin and Adlai at Tried & True Southtown

Collin and Adlai at Tried & True Southtown

Collin and I met freshman year of high school and immediately bonded over the fact that we both carried toothbrushes in our backpacks. A little over a year later, we were dating and talking about getting married someday. Which in hindsight, 16 year old me was way too intense. Marriage? I'll lock my kids in their rooms if I hear them talking like that when they're teenagers (only half kidding). But somehow it worked out for us, and we were married by 20. Close to ten years later, two kids, two businesses, and a million moves between three cities we arrived at where we are at today. 

It just makes sense that my first post on my newly revamped page would be about my husband. I've never posted anything in detail about him before, just 'outfit of the day' type post, but Collin is (for good reason) a huge part of my life and a driving force behind the kind of woman I am continually becoming and striving to be. For my sake and yours, I will try to keep this out of the mushy-gushy zone as much as possible! 

There are those relationships that seem so emotionally charged, romance runs rampant, and the fights are epic. I put them in "The Notebook" category, incredibly passionate and incredibly intense. And they are the opposite of what Collin and I have. No extreme highs, but no extreme lows while we're at it. My husband is loyal, hard working, even keeled, smart, driven, and introspective but maybe not the most romantic, sappy person ever and I'm okay with that. We balance each other out on so many different levels, my weakness is his strength and vice versa.  Of course there are aspects of our marriage that need to be worked on, we're only 30(!), but I can't picture life without him. 

Earlier today I was listening to a Radiolab about 'happiness', it's elusiveness, and our constant need to chase after it. They talked about how unhappy my generation is and how isolated we feel. To a certain extent I understand the idea behind this, at a time when we are more connected than ever, we are more lonely than ever. As I was listening glimpses of Collin with our kids flashed through my mind; their laughter as he chased them through the halls, the excitement of day trips to the beach, the overall joy that fills our household. I may feel like I lack in other places socially at times but I never feel a lack of joy in my marriage. It's easy for us to get caught up in the busyness of our lives, being small business owners and all, and to forget to invest in each other. But I am confident in the fact that we will be together for life and our hard work now will pay off in the long run, Europe will still be there when we're fifty! I am blessed daily by a man that never gives up no matter how hard the circumstances and is completely accepting of me, even at my ugliest of times. 

So as I move forward with SCHNEIDERLIFE I am so pleased that I have Collin by my side to tell me when I'm being crazy, lift me up, and edit my wordiness and misuse of punctuations. Love you Colly!